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Importance of pest control in food industry

MJ Backhouse

Food and beverage companies are looking at ways to improve their food safety defenses, which includes how they can limit any pest activity on their sites.

Pests are always drawn towards food and thus large sites that manufacture huge amounts of food on a daily basis are a perfect location for pest activities. As a result, food and drinks companies need to ensure they have plans in place to limit this.

A survey Food Processing’s 16th annual Manufacturing Outlook Survey found that 41% of the respondents said that their pest control measures required improvement. Two-thirds of the survey sample also indicated their plants have outsourced pest control responsibilities, to companies like MJ Backhouse. We provide significant pest control support to large companies across the Yorkshire region and have multiple years’ experience providing for food and drinks companies.

Below, we have listed ways in which you can keep your business free of pests by being vigilant.
• Check every incoming box of materials from suppliers for traces of pests

• Apply preventive controls in you approach to pest management

• Inform everyone about your pest control arrangements and get people to be aware of the things you are doing.

• Have a strong contingency plan that all key members of staff know.

• Always carry out checks on your site – using a professional pest control technician – to keep up to date.

• Address any issues swiftly and in the correct measure. Learn anything you can from the experience.

As with all pest control, it is better to use preventative measures to ensure the site is able to cope with any issues which may arise. By speaking to ourselves, we can carry out a full inspection and base a contract to ensure limited pest activity on your site, which meets your demands and personal requests. If you would like to know more information about our pest control services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you’ve had any pest problems give MJ Backhouse a call. We’re a Yorkshire based pest control company with more than twenty-five years’ experience. Give one of our friendly team a call today on 0800 542 6359.


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