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Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the oldest pests around and generally cause problems to homes by infesting a number of items including:

• Bed frames
• Mattresses
• Skirting boards
• Door frames
• Behind electrical wall sockets
• Behind wall posters
• Between books and magazines on shelves and in racks

People are generally the preferred host for the bed bug and they inject saliva as they feed and allergic reaction to this substance often causes slightly delayed swelling, itching and burning.

Possible signs of a bed bug problem:
1. Discovery of insect bites on your body
2. See the bug itself
3. Bed bug faecal matter (noticeable as dark stains)
4. Blood spotting found on bedding
5. Bed Bug skin
6. Eggs (small and quite hard to detect, they are pale and measure about the size of a pin head)
7. Sweet almond type smell

Providing pest control services in Yorkshire, MJ Backhouse will undertake a thorough examination of your property to ascertain the extent of the infestation and locate the bed bug problem.

Once we have identified the bed bug location, we will treat the infested area using a suitable insecticide.

If you feel like you have a bed bug infestation, and you are based in either Leeds, York or the surrounding Yorkshire region, please call our pest control team on 0800 542 6359.

Bed Bugs Pest Guide


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All MJB’s pest technicians complete a comprehensive training course and all our staff are professionally qualified in all types of pest control methods.

Our operators are trained in the safe use of Rodenticides and Insecticides in accordance with DEFRA and HSE Codes of Practice and Standards.