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Pest Control in the Industrial Sector

MJ Backhouse are one of the leading providers of pest control services to businesses in the industrial sector, having provided support for over 30 years.

From our base in Selby, we work across the whole of North and West Yorkshire and are established as one of the most respected pest control companies in the area.

Industrial sites are often plagued with pest control issues, especially because the provide shelter for many different pests. That added with the constant movement of people in and out makes their internal surroundings an attractive home for animals.

As a result, many businesses are becoming more aware of the problems pests can cause, and thus, instead of reacting to pest problems, are putting together a contracted pest control provisions with a leading pest control provider, to ensure they limit any pest activity on their premises.

As with any pest problem, if you do happen to notice any activity, it is important to react quickly, as no problem will ever just disappear.

If you happen to have an issue or are looking to take a proactive attitude to pest control and would like to arrange for a contract to be put in place, speak to one of our team today.