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Pest Control for Fleas

Flea infestations are becoming increasingly common across homes and businesses in the Yorkshire region.

Fleas are small and wingless insects that make the lives of people and pets extremely difficult as they cause irritation, infection, and can spread other parasites such as tapeworms.

Common places which can have flea problems and infestations include carpets and floor areas, under beds, on cupboard floors and under furniture.

Possible signs of a flea problem:
• Skin bites
• Dried blood specks on pet ears and legs
• Flea droppings on floor
• White eggs in pet areas

MJ Backhouse’s pest control technicians have extensive knowledge of flea control and we understand that it is important to break the flea cycle in order to achieve the best results. MJ Backhouse’s pest control will initially carry out a detailed survey of the home and/or business before implementing a plan of action.

Our pest control experience has taught us that a single application of insecticide may not be enough as there are some cases where fleas can survive spraying, cleaning and aerosol bombing. In these circumstances additional treatments will need to be carried out until the infestation is removed.

Control measures must be directed at the brood as well as the adult fleas. Insecticides can be used to treat infested premises and protect them from re-infestation.

In addition where rats and mice have been identified as the primary hosts in flea infestations, MJ Backhouse pest control services will use rodenticides to control the rodent problem in-conjunction with the insecticide treatment for the flea infestation.

If you are based in Leeds, Wakefield or the surrounding Yorkshire area and you are looking for help with your fly or flea infestation, please call our team on 0800 542 6359.

Fleas Pest Guide


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Our Accreditations

All MJB’s pest technicians complete a comprehensive training course and all our staff are professionally qualified in all types of pest control methods.

Our operators are trained in the safe use of Rodenticides and Insecticides in accordance with DEFRA and HSE Codes of Practice and Standards.