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Pest Control in the Construction Industry

MJ Backhouse have been proving a range of pest control services to the construction industry for a number of years.

MJ Backhouse have been serving local construction companies in the Yorkshire area for 30 years. The family run company first established in 1988 and has grown into one of the most reputable pest control companies in the region.

Construction sites and buildings are notorious for pest infestations as the uncompleted buildings provide the perfect nesting place for all kinds of pests. The sites provide warmth and shelter for that animals in the wild can easily gain entry to.

One of the most common types of pests to the construction sector is rats and rodents. Rats are particularly troublesome for construction sites because of the damage they can cause. Rats and mice will chew and through anything to make their perfect nest, including plaster and floorboards which can be devastating.

It crucial that as soon as you notice a pest infestation of any kind at your construction site, you get in sorted immediately. The longer you wait the bigger the problem will get and the more irreparable the damage will be.

MJ Backhouse have a wealth of experience in supplying pest control services for the construction sectors. For more information, call a member of our team today on 0800 5426359.