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Pest Control for Moles

The mole population continues to increase due to exceptionally wet and mild winters and they have become a pest because of the tunnels they dig which can damage the roots of young plants and expose stones that can damage garden machinery.

In addition molehills and mole ridges can ruin the lawns and flower beds of your home or business.

Possible signs of a mole problem:
• Mole hills or ridges caused by tunnelling

Very little can be done to prevent moles from entering your garden or landscape and all that can really be done is to eradicate the moles once they have appeared.

Using the most environmentally friendly and humane way of controlling moles, MJ Backhouse pest control will use the latest mole catching techniques to trap or gas the moles in the areas where they are present.

During the first visit, MJ Backhouse will install as many traps as possible in order to remove the moles quickly and efficiently. Once the traps have been installed, we will make regular follow up visits to remove moles that have been caught and to also relocate traps into other areas where most activity is present. The initial gassing treatment will carried out to the whole affected area and follow up visits may be required as and when more moles return to the area.

If you fear you have a mole problem and you are looking for a reliable and reputable company who has experience in removing moles from Leeds, Wakefield and other areas in the region, call our team on 0800 542 6359.

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