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Rat hotspots revealed across UK

MJ Backhouse

In a study conducted by the University of Reading, the hotspots of rats in the UK have been found and revealed. The same study also looks at the genes appear in the rodents and identifies for the first time ever the L120Q gene (the most severe form of resistance) in West Yorkshire.

Also found in the study and perhaps more worrying is that three different types of resistant rats are now found in West Yorkshire.

The report also shows that more samples are required to determine the severity of these rats and how pest controllers like ourselves can control the spread of further resistance.

CRRU chairman Dr Alan Buckle said: “We can only manage the spread of resistance when we know where it is. With so few mouse samples and the void of rat data in the centre of the country, we are a long way from that.

“Presently we have the worst of both worlds. Farmers, pest control technicians and gamekeepers are using products that are ineffective in places where rodents are resistant; and they are using unnecessary, resistance-breaking products where there is no resistance. Only more samples can solve this.”

This study has been conducted in a bid to managing resistant rodent infestations which should prevent their spread.

If you do have a problem with rats, MJ Backhouse is one of the leading pest controllers in the West Yorkshire and wider Yorkshire areas with the highest levels of qualifications to deal with infestations. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss your problems and arrange your first treatment today.


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