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Pigeon proofing completed at Hull home

MJ Backhouse

MJ Backhouse recently carried out solar panel bird proofing for domestic premises in Hull. Bird proofing solar panelling is done to prevent pest birds, typically pigeons, from nesting under the solar panels on a roof.

The homeowner was concerned about the potential problems caused by pigeons such as damage to their solar panel installation and contacted MJ Backhouse to carry out the proofing works.

As well as the possible damage unwanted birds could cause to a solar panel and its components, they also pose a health risk, bringing bacteria from mess and debris, and can be extremely noisy when rearing their young in your roof.

How can MJ Backhouse help you?

If you’ve recently had solar panels installed at your Yorkshire home or commercial building, we advise that you look at the bird proofing options available as soon as possible to prevent further expense from birds choosing your roof as a nesting spot.

Bird proofing solutions can include humane landing deterrents such as bird spikes and spring wires, but a netting or wire mesh is typically used as the most effective option to seal off the area and prevent access for pest birds.

With over 30 years of experience providing bird pest control services for pigeons and other nuisance birds in Yorkshire, MJ Backhouse can help you with your solar panel proofing needs.

Get in touch on 0800 5426359 to discuss your requirements for bird proofing your solar panels in Yorkshire.


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