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Can woodworm spread to other furniture?

MJ Backhouse

Woodworm is a massive threat to many Yorkshire homes. A damp climate and the materials traditionally used in construction mean UK properties are susceptible to woodboring insects. If you have a woodworm infestation, it can leave you questioning if woodworm can spread.


Is woodworm infectious?

Woodworm describes a type of woodboring beetle larvae that invade the wood found in our homes and consume it until they reach maturity.

It’s unlikely that a woodboring beetle that has made its home in your furniture would look for another piece of wood to rear its young unless there is a reason why the wood elsewhere may be a better home such as if it provides better moisture.

Woodworm is therefore not infectious but it can spread if the offspring choose another piece of your furniture to lay their eggs in once they reach maturity.

Most modern furniture will be suitably finished with varnish or paint which will generally deter woodboring pests from making their home there, but it becomes more of an issue if the beetle chooses the structural areas of your home as this can cause significant damage to your property by weakening it structurally.

How do I know if I’ve got woodworm?

A woodworm infestation is started when a beetle lays its eggs in the environment it thinks will provide the best nutrients for offspring. You might not have noticeable symptoms for some time when wood is infested with eggs.

Signs of a woodworm infestation include:

  • Small round holes in woodwork
  • Fine, powdery dust around these holes
  • Crumbly edges around boards and joists
  • The presence of beetles emerging from holes in woodwork or noticeable on windowsills and other areas of the house

MJ Backhouse technicians are fully qualified in diagnosing and treating woodworm as well as assessing any structural damage.

For more information on how MJ Backhouse could help your Yorkshire home please call our team on 0800 542 6359.


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