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5 Pest Control Myths to Avoid

MJ Backhouse

If you’ve ever worried about a pest problem, you’ve probably come to a few assumptions about pest control. But just how true are these pest control myths?

Pest control myths

Myth #1: DIY pest control is enough

There’s plenty of content on the internet including guides and videos on how to deal with specific pest problems. While we’re not saying DIY methods never work, by the time you notice there’s a problem and start frantically Googling solutions, it’s usually past the stage where your own efforts are going to be enough.

Myth #2: It’s easy to inspect your home for pests

Plenty of guides will tell you the signs of a rodent infestation or how to check for bed bugs, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to cover the entirety of your home effectively. Rodents love finding a hiding spot where they can nest undisturbed, so you might not be as pest-free as you think you are.

Myth #3: I’ve got a cat, so I don’t need professional pest control

Many people think that having a cat or dog is enough to protect your home from pests, particularly mice and rats. While it’s true that some pets will hunt rodents, it’s unlikely that their presence will prevent pests completely. In some cases, your pet’s food could just be a food source for a rodent.

Myth #4: DIY methods are less harmful than professional pest control

With many different methods and products available, a professional pest controller is always the best person to advise on the most suitable solution for your pest problem. In circumstances where the treatment may contain harmful chemicals, a professional will be able to help you with issues like leaving and re-entering affected rooms and ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

Myth #5: One treatment is enough to eradicate a pest problem

While we can all hope for this scenario, the reality is that an infestation may need several visits and treatments from a professional pest controller before you can be sure that all pest activity is gone. It is also essential that preventative measures are taken to stop reinfestation. If something is attracting the pest problem initially, this will need to be dealt with to protect your home from further pest problems.

MJ Backhouse is a leading pest controller based in Selby and working to keep Yorkshire pest free. Give us a call on 0800 5426359 for advice on your pest problem and to arrange your first treatment today.


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